• Liminality: Transitions and Marginalities
    Vol. 9 (2023)

    The term liminality encapsulates a state of transition wherein new ideas, identities, solidarities can come into being. As a concept it thus offers a crucial prism through which any in-between phase for a person, group, or even for a whole society can be better understood and has today gained increasing use within the humanities, social sciences and beyond. In the current day and age, liminal spaces permeate the essence of uncertainties and marginalities.  This space can be occupied by those in stasis, which represents detachment and departure from expectations borne of stability towards the marginal spaces of uncertainty, fluidity, and the suspended potentiality of the unknown.

    The aim of this issue is to showcase a series of articles which engage with the theme of “Liminality: Transitions and Marginalities” in challenging and diverse ways.

  • Crisis: Predicament and Potential
    Vol. 8 (2020)

    Crisis is a concept which often has strong negative connotations, particularly in a world experiencing a series of economic, political, and social crises within various contexts, territories, and vocations. While crisis and predicament seem to have an intuitive connection, crisis is also a catalyst for invention and innovation: for potential. Crisis encourages us to experiment with both reshaped and unprecedented paradigms, even in uncertain or turbulent scenarios which could appear transgressive at the time presented. It is important to value and understand, in the context of new emerging mind-sets, the potential of these transformations and the impact they could have for the world we live in.  

    The aim of this issue is to showcase a series of articles which engage with the theme of “Crisis: Predicament and Potential” in challenging and diverse ways.

  • Aigne 2018 cover image

    Environments of Change
    Vol. 7 (2018)

    The contemporary world is undergoing a period of accelerated change which can be attributed to a number of different developments: technological advances, the ubiquity of social media and smartphones, the acceleration of global warming and the resultant environmental disasters, and major political upheavals such as Brexit and the growth of white nationalist movements across the globe. These and other changes create constantly shifting and unstable contemporary environments. In this climate of economic, political and environmental uncertainty, it is important to address the impact on and outcomes of these and other major changes in our contemporary world.  

    The aim of this issue is to offer a series of articles which engage with the theme of “Environments of Change” in challenging and diverse ways. 

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