Call for Creative Pieces


Liminal spaces are often associated with a state of transition; permanence and finality are frequently seen as a mirage from such a space. However, this space entices one to keep going - enjoy as well as endure the process before they attain their final stop. Indeed, this path may present extreme ends of the spectrum for the one travelling, however it is the journey that matters after all. Liminality often extends its spatial extents to marginality and departures, both of which can be seen from a positive and negative aspect. While spaces can be physical, experiences encapsulated through marginality and transitions are non-physical and poetic. Thus, we call for creative pieces based on this year's theme of liminal spaces, extending to topics such as marginality, transition and departure.  

We invite creative submissions in a variety of formats, including: 

  • Poetry 
  • Short Stories 
  • Flash Fiction 
  • Photography 

To be considered for publication, submit the following by September 5th:  

  • A Word document of your creative piece 
  • Contact information - name, email address, and any institutional affiliation 
  • Cover letter for each author/co-author (in any format) 

All creative pieces must be submitted through the Aigne website: You will be asked to register on the website as an author. Once you are registered, you may upload your creative submission, where you will be assigned an editor. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

All queries may be directed to Creative Editors Shruti Rajgopal and Ana Albuquerque, at   

Expected publication Winter 2021/2022.